Stress-Free Summer

5 Ways to Make your Summer a Breeze

Katherine E.

This workshop was FANTASTIC! So much wisdom I will definitely use. She gave examples of each of the 5 ways and made it relatable and usable!! I walked away knowing what to say, do and plan for an easy summer. Looking forward to creating a stress-free (and enjoyable) summer!

Dawn W.

I really enjoyed Natalie’s webinar  - her level of engagement was so appreciated because it was personalized to our specific situation. She was able to take basic parenting success strategies we may have heard before but present them in a different way that resonates so you can put it into action and see success. She offered language to use with our kiddos that can really make a difference. Natalie is “in the trenches” with us and I trust in her expertise.

Rachel S.

I consider myself a pretty mindful mom, but always still stress out every summer when trying to figure out how to keep my son engaged every day, especially as I work. Natalie helped minimize the overwhelm, and provided simple, doable strategies - I'm now looking forward to planning a summer that will meet my needs and my son's - the best of both worlds!

 Let your summers be easy...

During this FREE webinar I'll walk you through the 5 simple things you can do to create a joyful summer for you AND your kids!

You'll learn:

  • How to set limits that honor their needs AND yours (no matter their age) 
  • Why creating a routine (instead of a schedule) can be more beneficial
  • What expectations to set that are in alignment with what YOU truly want
  • How to get your kids to be more responsible
  • How to create a dynamic where you BOTH spend quality (not quantity) connection time

There are only 18 summers with our kids... let's make this one as enjoyable as can be!

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frequently asked questions:

Q: I can't make that time, will there be a recording?
A: Yes! Simply register and you'll get the recording AND a bonus cheat sheet!

Q: My kids will be around at that time, can they watch too?
A: They can! But if you have earbuds, feel free to use them. 

Q: Do I need to bring anything?
A: Nope! I'll be providing you with a cheat sheet shortly after the session - I'm helping to make it easier for you!

Q: I registered to the first one but wasn't able to attend - can I come to this one?
A: Absolutely! Simply register to this one here (there is a new zoom link) and I'll see you there!

Larisa S.

I loved the calm connection she created during this webinar; envisioning our summers guilt-free is a gift all mamas need. Natalie is an educator with a psychology background and two warrior children - she gets what it takes to heal generational cycles. This was more than a webinar - it was a community of like minded women who wanted to create the best summers (with some added oxytocin) for our families. Thank you for this!

Mandy D.

I am thankful for participating in Natalie's webinar! Iwalked away with lots of tidbits on how to manage a stress-free summer. As a mom of two, ages 11 and 8 yrs old, it can be difficult managing summer camps and having a stress-free dynamic is important for our entire household. Natalie's webinar talked about setting the right limits, co-creating a routine that involves your children. Since this webinar, I have noticed a change in conversations with both of my children and a slight change in behaviour around tasks and responsibilities, plus, we are communicating clearly the expectations for us all. Thank you Natalie for this amazing webinar. 
Natalie Syrmopoulos, Hon BA Psych, BA Ed. IFS Informed Therapy

Natalie is a certified coach, educator, entrepreneur, best-selling author, and the founder of the Evolving Families Summit, a series that has supported 1000’s of families worldwide. With a double major in psychology and education, she has worked with parents, teachers and children, supporting them to champion and be the best version of themselves so they can parent with calm confidence.

Using neuro-biological strategies, Natalie helps parents rewire and align the brain and nervous system, guiding parents to build relationships rooted in love and connection. She gently supports parents to break through negative generational patterns using a methodical approach. She coaches her clients, with care and compassion, to bridge the gap between being the parent they’ve always envisioned with the reality of meeting modern, everyday challenges.

Working closely with emotional dysregulation, anger, anxiety and conditioned trauma, Natalie expertly guides clients to 



confidently parent, resulting in kids who listen, feel validated and manage big emotions.

Equipping parents with practical, every-day solutions combined with life-long practices, she empowers them to be the change they want to see in their family. Families build resilience, emotional agility, and a conscious awareness that equips them with the tools to respond instead of react, resulting in a more calm, peaceful, and thriving family dynamic.

You can learn more about Natalie here or check out her  #1 Best Selling Book